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Programmering van Cd-rom's over de archivering van performances of over de intieme verhouding tot de technologie in de verhouding tot zichzelf of tot de anderen (memoires, krant, briefwisseling)/ Programmation de CD-roms abordant soit l'archivage de la performance, le rapport intime à la technologie dans le rapport à soi et aux autres (mémoire, journal, correspondance, notes de travail):


Leah Gilliam, Split, 1999,USA
Welcome to the End of the World.



Everything is different: Everything's the Same...
Split is an on-going CD-ROM project that investigates the science fiction film's unique relationship to representation, racial classification and allegory. Cycling through the B-movie thriller Omega Man (1971), the Aldous Huxley screenplay Ape and Essence (1949) and the Mars Pathfinder mission, Split reads a range of texts that are futuristic in scope but retrogressive in world view.


Nan Goggin, Joseph Squier, Kathleen Chmelewski
ad319, Body, Space, Memory, 1997,USA


Natalie Bookchin, Databank of the Everyday, 1996, USA


Featuring the latest in amplified fin-de-siècle rhetoric, the Databank vehemently perpetuates the current hysteria surrounding new technologies. Again we witness a
revolution, and again we hear loud claims about the universality of the change and the transformation of everyday life. (History, as we know, also repeats itself like a loop.)
Thus, in keeping with the tradition, and in compliance with early twentieth century avant-garde movements, the Databank heralds its very own Twenty-First Century Manifesto.


Megan Heyward, I Am A Singer, 1997, Australia


"I Am A Singer" is an experiment in multimedia writing, a search into approaches towards style and form, narrative structure, and notions of engagement within a multimedia context. Concerned with memory and identity, it tells the fictional story of an amnesiac who happens to be famous. Structurally, "I Am A Singer" is a narrative built of fragments, of small, discrete but intersecting sequences, mirroring the fragmented consciousness of the singer. It operates on a number of levels - as a pure tale about an amnesiac singer trying to regain her memory, and as a broader exploration of identity and remembrance.


Cristina Casanova, Let's Tell Lies, 1999,Spain


Several malicious boys who have shared school, with playground, football, skirts and impertinent teachers who have taught them to be even more impertinent, get together years after inside a tale where years don't go by (or do they?) in order to tell their wicked stories, numberless lies trimmed with sentimentalism.


Russet Lederman/ Memories of Place: NYC Thought Pictures , 1999, USA


The centerpoint of this CD-Rom is the fascination with and power of seemingly commonplace events and locations which can take on monumental significance in the context of an individual´s life.


Valie Export, Bilder der Berührungen, 1998, D


On the basis of Valie Export’s experimental film entitled ‘Syntagma’ a film menu allows you to experience associatively the links to other works-varying combinations and sequences reveal constantly different ways of perceiving works.


Laurent Hart, Borderland, 1999, F


Video game or documentary?


Thirteen Silent Movies, Ben Dierckx, B


Shift-Little Beat-Expand (50)-In Out-Dennis-Arm-Feet-Heartbeat-Surface-Point of View 1-The Bookshop-Point of view 2- The Sea