CHENEY: Bob, I want you to hang on to your seat because I'm going to pay you a compliment. I thought you made a very good observation about Elaine Showalter's book. She tries to do too much. You can't put Gulf War syndrome and Satanic ritual abuse under the same umbrella, but don't you think she does a good job of pointing out our penchant for turning to conspiracies to explain things whenever something goes wrong?
  (SHOWALTER: I'm really looking at the structural similarities between the way these epidemics have spread in our culture, not to say that someone with chronic fatigue is also going to be abducted by an alien, but to look at the way that these syndromes develop, and I think Hillary's comparison
GPS ranging errors are magnified by the range vector differences between the receiver and the SVs. The volume of the shape described by the unit-vectors from the receiver to the SVs used in a position fix is inversely proportional to GDOP. GDOP Components PDOP = Position Dilution of Precision (3-D), sometimes the Spherical DOP. HDOP = Horizontal Dilution of Precision (Latitude, Longitude). VDOP = Vertical Dilution of Precision (Height). TDOP = Time Dilution of Precision (Time).  
  • Geometric Dilution Of Precision