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OFF-SIDE, Zeina Maasri, April 1999
Duration: 5 min. 50 sec.
Format: Betacam




The video piece is built around the football game, which has become a globalised language, especially within the male vocabulary. The game is used as a metaphor for sexual and gender power relationships, where the woman is given the passive / receptive role of the net.The scene takes place in an urban neighborhood waste lot used by boys to
play the game. They play to the watching gazes of the girls, the camera, and then again to the viewers of the piece. The work is structured along this network of gazes in which the viewers are also implicated.
The piece circulates around two narratives: one is situated within anArabic context whereby the questions of Chastity/virginity of a woman arestill very critical issues that concern the honour of the family.The second narrative takes these relations of power beyond Arabic culture to reflect on questions of "identity" and the social positioning of the "woman" and the "feminine" that are still deeply rooted in western social structures.


Game one,
Installation vidéo. laura Couderc (F). 2000 .

Trois projections simultanées
(env 40 X 30 cm X2, et 300 X 200 cm)




Drie simultane vertoningen.
Doorlopend voorbijkomende personages en reeksen lijnen, tussen hinkelbaan en loopbanen uit de sport, een hypothetisch verkeersspel dat zich in de reële ruimte voortzet. Men tracht er de zin, de snelheid, het spoor van de voorbijganger in te ontwaren.

Des projections entremêlent les passages ininterrompus de personnages et des suites de lignes au sol, qui évoquent une marelle ou des couloirs sportifs. Un hypothétique jeu de circulation s'établit entre les écrans, et se prolonge dans l'espace réel: on tente de saisir le sens, la vitesse, la trace d'un passage. On joue avec l'espace et le temps, avec l'idée de réseau.