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Dr Lizbeth Goodman UK
Director of The Institute For New Media Performance Research and head of the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies  
Vesna Milanovic SB +UK
Researcher, School of Performing Arts University of Surrey  
PORT: Performance Online in Real-Time

Synthesis is the core concept for digital art. PORT - an experimental performance visualisation system in development at the INMPR in conjunction with Imperial College, London - synthesises computer-generated imagery, output from photographic image manipulations and live movement in mediated forms which are randomised, materialised, and reframed on screen in infinitely reproducible variations. The PORT system visualises computed contours of moving bodies together with the real time images captured by the camera, or with the images stored previously. The change in the image, or part of the image, may be used as a parameter that controls the behaviour of the system. While this tool is currently hardware driven, it is anticipated that a portable version of the software will be released in 2002 with the final Extended Body shell.



The Extended Body Project

The Extended Body Project is a shell suitable for authoring of multimedia performance events and tutorials on linked sites or classrooms in real space and online. The first iteration of the course will go live in Spring 2001 as a pilot MA module in gender and performance at the University of Surrey (UK), linked to partner sites across the UK, Europe, North America and East Asia. The aims of the project is to explore the politics of new media performance: gender politics, ethnicity and the body politic, and the politics of transforming artistic practices, as well as to develop an awareness of how the theatrical and physical vocabularies of performance using digital technologies develop at the same time as the critical and theoretical. Software and content created as part of the project will be shared in wider community and industry contexts as well, through demonstration at RADICAL Project events (Research Agendas Developed in Creative Arts Labs: a project funded by the European Commission, for which Dr Goodman is Principal Investigator for the INMPR), and through further development at SMARTlabs to be launched by PAL and the INMPR in 2001.