A word which goes from one discipline to another. Which plays with limits.
Computer code, genetical code, law code, codes of behaviour, dress codes...

And when we think we've grasped it, it seems to be the opposite of what we expected.
We use codes to program data and to solve genetic sequences.
We call for code to inflict a penalty or to mention open source project.
Every time this word appears, it raises questions about norms and deviations.

When talking of the computer, the notion of code implies revelation
as well as mystification of information.
Is there a way out of the matrix?

For its fifth edition, Jonctions, the new media festival of the association Constant,
will focus on the idea of code: its definition, its history,
and above all the different interpretations of the word code: genetic code,
social code, gender codes...


04 /05  
  _Workshop 1.1 8 to12 /05  
  _Workshop 1.2 17 to 19 /05  
  _Workshop 2 23 to 25 /05  
05+06 /05  
  "CALCULATED CINEMA" 16 to 22 /05  
  ROUND TABLE 26 /05  
_top OPENING 04 /05
  Centre Dansaert 20:00    
  "Alan Turing, The Enigma"  

Andrew Hodges
UK (lecturer at the Wadham College, Oxford University) will present a web of connections illustrating the life and work of Alan Turing, the founder of computer science. Alan Turing lived from 1912 to 1954; his observations, as mathematician, philosopher, and openly gay man, now have more meaning than ever before. As Turing foresaw, the concepts of mind and machine, communication and codes, sexuality and society, rules and freedom, are now all in flux.




04 - 26 /05

Centre Dansaert
Wed-Sun 13:00 -19:00

  video, color/b/w, 27min, 2000.  
  "I thought I was seeing convicts"  
Harun Farocki
, Frankreich/Deutschland,
Farocki's film is an assembly of images from video surveillance cameras in supermarkets and prisons, scenes from feature and documentary films. It shows the degredation of man as he becomes a mere object of control, questioning the point at which protection becomes control.

_top VIDEOS 05+06 /05    
  Centre Dansaert      
During the VJ5 and KFDA opening week-end, Constant invites you to 2 video projections. The first is made of 3 videos staging technology fantasy and itching. The second is dedicated to the Valins Experiment, conducted by Isabelle Stengers and Vincianne Despret.
  13:00 +17:00     Programme 1
  Anouk De Clercq     Whoosh    
    B, video, 2001, 12 min - Première  
Motion pictures, motion graphics, music interplay in this poetic reflection on our accelerated age
  Simon Pummell     Blinded By Light  
    UK, video, 2000, 7 min  
The story of a man's struggle to learn to see.
  Craig Baldwin     Spectres of the Spectrum  
    USA, 1999, 16mm, 93 min  
This science-fiction allegory traces a history of media technology from its early days to a 21st century "New Electromagnetic Order" that threatens to take total control of our lives.

  15:30 Programme 2
  Didier Demorcy
Isabelle Stengers
Vincianne Despret

  Expérience Valins
B, 1999, video, 50 min
The Valins Experiment was conceived with the aim of exploring and elucidating the multiple and confused relationships between body, consciousness, and situations able to produce emotional reactions. It shows that synthetic emotion is no more genuine or false than live emotion.
_top Workshop 1.1
Recompile with "_deprecations"
Which code for today ?
8 - 12 /05    
  14:00 - 19:00          
  Centre Dansaert          
  1.1 Open Forms of Collaboration      
Programming is connected to desire. As techno users we are too often limited by the computer in the realisation of our projects. Code writing allows us to modify this: what do WE want the machine to do, what is OUR project? We can't do it alone. To achieve complex realisations, we have to invent new forms of collaboration, new forms of practice, and engage firmly in an alternative approach towards intellectual property.
  08/05 Introduction      
The workshop will begin with an open discussion with Xavier Le Roy (F). Xavier Le Roy is a dancer, but has also trained as a molecular biologist. His experience as a performer and scientist made him suspicious of the notion of authorship and shaped his interest in the production of attainable utopias.
  08 +09/05 Sounds In the Distance      
Udo Noll (D)said: 'I am not a programmer but an artist that can program'. He has a long experience in projects where technology and collaborative art interact. Recently he decided to produce a continuous sound stream live on the net: someone walking with a minidisc can send the surrounding sound to a server that adds it to a dynamic database of audio samples.

  10 +11/05 Peer to Peer    
The Freenet network is made up of decentralized computers. It has been created to guarantee absolute freedom of speech. The quality of its encryption and its peer-to-peer architecture have made Freenet a strong successor of Napster and Gnutella. Steven Hazel (USA) is musician and Freenet programmer. He will demo Freenet and explain how it can be used and developed. He will introduce his new project Soundmosaic and open the debate about copyright, the free flow of information and cultural goods.

8 +12/05

agency (B)

Loïc Vanderstichelen (B)
  agency will make a follow up to the workshop by archiving some of the discussed topics in the "uses of property database". It will focus on the practice of reappropriation inherent to programming. Loc Vanderstichelen will discuss a critical aspect for the tenants of proprietary software: compatibility. For this he will give an introduction to the use of the emulators and to the problematics of audio and video compression.

Discussion   Kaaitheater-studio's
Round table within the context of Tricoter by Xavier Le Roy (F). Questions about authorship, copyrights and attainable utopia's will be at stake. With the performer Jérôme Bel and Annabelle Hagman, jurist.
_top Workshop 1.2
Recompile with "_deprecations".
17 - 19/05    
  1. 2 Interaction programming and scenarios    
  The current practices of interactive creativity are too often synonymous with Photoshop and HTML.This workshop is aimed at bringing the participants beyond this and learning how to script in Lingo and discover the advanced scripts for Flash.  
  17 +18/05   Director    
  Lia (Au) . graphic programmer, specialized in Lingo    
  She is the founding member of the art server, and contributed to the Japanese CD-ROM edition GASBOOK, her CD-ROM's have been awarded in festivals like Viper, Transmediale, World Wide Video Festival Rotterdam,... She will give a practical introduction to the lingo scripts for Director.


  19/05   Flash    
  Corrine Petrus (NL) lives and works in Rotterdam. She is a computer-programmer  
  She has her own Computer Consultancy Business called Webdiva. She taught Flash for several years and maintained a helpdesk. She'll give an introduction to advanced scripts for Flash.

_top Workshop 2
Performance in integrated
live and media formats
23 - 25 /05    
Halles de Schaerbeek
  Dr Lizbeth Goodman Director of The Institute For New Media Performance Research and head of the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies(UK)    
  Vesna Milanovic Researcher, School of Performing Arts University of Surrey (UK)    

The Extended Body Project is a prototype distance-teaching program suitable for the creation of multimedia performance events and tutorials on linked sites or 'classrooms' in real space and online. The aim of the project is to discuss the politics behind new media performance: gender politics, ethnic and the body politic, and the politics of transforming artistic practices, as well as to develop an awareness of how the theatrical and physical vocabularies of performance using digital technologies develop at the same time as the critical and theoretical.


PORT: Performance Online in Real-Time
The PORT system juxtaposes real-time filmed moving bodies with their computer contours, or with previously recorded images. The modified image may be used as a modulator for the system.


    23/05   17:00 - 20:00    
  Introductory talk about gender, sexuality and technology: being in the system and breaking free from it, etc. Brief presentation of 4 software packages for exbod (tk3, viewhear, ivisit and boardpower) and two derivative packages (port and vip).  
    24/05   14:00 - 19:00    
  A mock tutorial/performance session with colleagues in Amsterdam, London, Phoenix, Vancouver and New york.  
    25/05   14:00 - 19:00    
  Performance Online in Real-Time: tutorial      
  +   19:00    
A live link up to a theatre stage in London for a puppet show. Wrap-up discussion and plenary with TerreThaemlitz USA/JP
  Halles de Schaerbeek
300 Bef
    Spoken words   19:00  
    Concert   20:30  

Terre Thaemlitz (usa/jp)
  Terre Thaemlitz' newest electroacoustique release, "Interstices" (meaning, "small spaces or cracks between objects"), ostensibly presents itself as an album about process. In particular, the accompanying text discusses two processes called 'framing' and 'systolic composition.' In particular, this project is interested in using 'interstitial' sounds andcompositional processes as metaphors for cultural processes which exist between dominant binarisms of sexuality, gender and ethnicity. The compositions in "Interstices" raise issues of transgenderism (including intersexuality and transsexuality), Queer pansexuality, identity politics, and the essentialist dangers of the disenfranchised 'homecoming' fantasy.Thaemltiz also discusses the frustrations of developing audio discourse in a marketplace whichrepeatedly restricts fair-use sampling, arguing that musicians should be able to use sampling in the same manner that writers use quotations with footnotes. As usual, he undertakes these discussions with a critical (and at times campy) eye to his own actions as a producer. Terre Thaemlitz is a former "Underground Grammy Award" winning DJ from New York's Transexual clubs, and founder of Comatonse Recordings in 1993.
[_more... ]


_top EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA 16 - 22/05    
    Screenings   16 + 17/05 20:15  
        18 _ 22/05 22:15  
Reservations 02 507 83 70
(60-90 BeF - 120 pl)

Calculated Cinema is a seven part series that focuses its attention on the pioneering use of computers and electronics in experimental films. It looks at the creation of new procedures in animation and, explores movement, light and synchronicity between music and image, weaving a fabric of cross-references. These concerns range from the first avant-garde groups, to examples in more recent work, from the binary geometry of calculated images to other arithmetical applications based on stills, and other principles of systematic composition. The juxtaposition of different techniques, eras, aesthetic directions, and very diverse natural images serve to establish both the relationships and contrasts that pertain to this field, and which can be observed in the works of artist-film-makers as Oskar Fischinger, Mary Ellen Bute, John and James Whitney, Jordan Belson, Peter Kubelka, Werner Nekes, Larry Cuba and Robert Darroll.(E. B).
16/05 20:15
    Calculated cinema will be introduced by Eugeni Bonet (SP) writer, film maker, curator and tutor at the Fine Arts Department, Barcelona.  
  16 /05 20:15
17 /05 20:15
18 /05 22:15
19 /05 22:15
20 /05 22:15
21 /05 22:15
22 /05 22:15
_-details: Notions of Calculus
_-details: Elements of Image
_-details: Geometry and Oscillographs
_-details: Arithmetic of Frame and Bit
_-details: Lumigraphy, Chromophony and Abstronica
_-details: Machine-Language: Permutations
_-details: Cosmic Arabesque
[_details of the whole Calculated Cinema Programme...]
  Centre Dansaert
14:00 - 19:00
  Ira Marom  
  Ira Marom (Is/D) initiated the "Modern Museum of Transient Art" of Cologne (a museum of fictional sociology art that questions the manipulation of identity through information technology).  
_top CONCERTS/SCIENCE/PARTIES 19+25+26 /05  
  Halles de Schaerbeek 300 Bef
20 :30
Final party
This year the KunstenFESTIVALdesArts and Constant have chosen the Halles de Schaerbeek to host three experimental parties. Three nights, three party labs.
  19/05 Physics for dummies and metal vibrations    
  performances Object
Thomas Köner
Foton, B
Foton, B
  djs Vainqueur
Chain Reaction, G
Heroika, B
Pneu, B
  25/05 Gender détournement and blurred senses  
    Terre Thaemlitz Comatonse USA + Jp      
    19:00 Spoken words      
    20:30 Concert      
  26/05 Sound ecosystem and multi-layered ground    
  performances Weshm
Grand Magasin
Negative Entropy
B + Ned
B + UK
  installations Michael Prime
  djs Yvette Klein
Jacqueline Klein
Riley Reinhold / Triple R
Traum, G
Traum, G
Kompakt, Traum, G

Pneu, B
04-26 /05    
  Centre Dansaert
13:00 - 19:00
Multidisciplinary space inviting the audience to watch websites, videos, cd-rom, beta programs, freewares and try-outs selection, and according to the festival program, to follow conferences, workshops, debates and video projections. And it's free!
Popular cinema and its vision of code/Science fiction, horror and thriller/Code as visual element and drama component/Hidden, exchanged, stolen/ Cause of blackmail and games, it is the initiated's weapon/Playful tool or power attribute, it is the mean of access/But there is always a game rule/Who will follow the game, who will deviate it?

_top ROUND TABLE 26 /05    
  Centre Dansaert
16 :00 -18 :00
  A media-space in Brussels: access, workspace and education    
Debate on the need for a public media-space in Brussels. How, where, with who and for whom? Questions will be subject to public debate between experienced people from Brussels and abroad who will present models and ideas, and locals of different practices such as new media, education, artist, youth centers, activists and permanent education workers, who will talk about their need for such a space. If we consider the cultural potential of digital media, research and exchange, such a space cannot be limited to a consultation-space for video, cd-rom and internet work, but also as an education space for workshops and presentations, a meeting place where people from different practices such as socio-cultural, artistic, research & development can meet , exchange information and know-how. Along with a physical space, one must investigate the possibilities of a web-platform to give access to information, education and exchange.