Terre Thaemlitz US/JP
A former "Underground Grammy Award" winning DJ from New York's Transexual clubs, and founder of Comatonse Recordings in 1993, Thaemlitz is widely considered one of America's leading producers of Ambient and Electro-acoustique musics. He has released ten solo albums, five EPs, two 7-inch singles, two collaborative albums (including with Bill Laswell), and several remixes. His primary
interest is in the appropriation and recontextualization of cultural signifiers through the very different methodologies of Transgenderism and Electro-acoustique music production. He currently resides in Kanagawa, Japan.
MTV-Online "When he's not cracking cynical snaps like a downtown drag queen, Thaemlitz sounds like a college professor. With rhythm."
The Village Voice calls Thaemlitz's piano solos "perfectly post-classical," and compliments his performing in "convincing drag... we saw a rather voluptuous woman."
The Wire (UK) magazine calls Thaemlitz "in the very best sense, a commie pinko faggot," and lists Thaemlitz' albums in their top 50 albums of 1998, and top 15 Electronica albums of 1998.
_ON " INTERSTICES " (mille plateaux)

Terre Thaemlitz' newest electroacoustique release, "Interstices" (meaning, "small spaces or cracks between objects"), ostensibly presents itself as an album about process. In particular, the accompanying text discusses two processes called 'framing' and 'systolic composition.' In particular, this project is interested in using 'interstitial' sounds andcompositional processes as metaphors for cultural processes which exist between dominant binarisms of sexuality, gender and ethnicity. The compositions in "Interstices" raise issues of transgenderism (including intersexuality and transsexuality), Queer pansexuality, identity politics, and the essentialist dangers of the disenfranchised 'homecoming' fantasy.