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Barbrook Richard
Denio Amy
Dumas Chantal
Andrin Muriel
Matthews Kaffe
Neumann Andrea
Tujiko Noriko
Spaink Karin
Teuwen Philippe
Pope Simon
Savitsky Andrei
Villaplana Virginia
De Clercq Anouk
Schick Ignaz
TMRX / Jacobs Arnaud
Lopez Francisco
Cool Joris
Anton Aeki
Scheirl Hans
Den Tandt Christophe
Frédéric Péters
Gianquinto Eric
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- Frédéric Péters

Frederic Peters is a Free Software activist.

- Teuwen Philippe
DSP Design Engineer, Audio Competence Center, Philips Semiconductors

- Gianquinto Eric

Administrateur systèmes (B)

Administration réseau et système sous platform hétérogènes Linux, Windows (SMB)


- Den Tandt Christophe

Christophe Den Tandt (B) enseigne la littérature anglo-saxonne à l'ULB, il s'intéresse au cyberpunk, à la ville et au sublime.

- Scheirl Hans
Hans Scheirl (Aus) is a trans-media artist. He has worked in the following media:
avant-garde cinema, super-8 film, video, performance, fluxus,...

- Anton Aeki
Anton Aeki (B) middels een quote : "at a time when standard ideas about what music should be have collapsed,...

- Cool Joris
Joris Cool (B) 's geluidscomposities omschrijven zich het best als soundscapes of sfeergeluiden.

- Lopez Francisco
Francisco López (Es) has been developing a powerful and consistent world of minimal electroacoustic soundscapes, 'trying to reach an ideal of absolute concrète music'...

- Schick Ignaz
live-electronics & devices (D)....

- TMRX / Jacobs Arnaud

Arnaud Jacobs works under different pseudonyms. Each pseudonym is a different musical approach.
tmrx’ approach is more abstract and concentrated around the relation between sound, space and perception

- De Clercq Anouk
Anouk De Clercq (B) is a film and video maker...

- Mafucage

Collectif de femmes musiciennes basé à Paris

- Villaplana Virginia
Artista visual e investigadora y escritora independiente.

- Andrin Muriel

Historienne du cinéma (B)

- Barbrook Richard
Coordinator of the Hypermedia Research Centre at the University of Westminster.

- Denio Amy
Seattle resident Amy Denio is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, ...

- Dumas Chantal
Chantal Dumas (Canada) explore à travers le son de nouvelles possibilités de
narration. Son médium de prédilection est la radio...

- Matthews Kaffe

Kaffe (UK) has been making and performing new musics via all kinds of digital gadgetry ...

- Neumann Andrea

Inside piano (D)...

- Pope Simon
Simon Pope (UK) is an artist, writer and software designer and...

- Savitsky Andrei

Andrey Savitsky's (Belarus) professional work lies in the field of graphical and web design. In his creative, art activity he uses all the means of expression: video, sound, interactivity.

- Spaink Karin

Dutch speaking theoritician (Nl), write about matters of technology, health and bodies...

- Tujiko Noriko
Tujiko Noriko (Japan) started singing around 1978-79. Bought her first synthesizer and sampler in 1999...