What is Verbindingen/Jonctions ?


November 20 - December 6/ 2003
Technologies and art and media, technologies and ethics
Art, technologies and ethics are an explosive mixture.
We take ethics here not as meaning a confrontation or a choice regarding problems of moral values, but as a choice of techniques and practices creating a relationship to others, to work, to ourselves.

Keywords :

Autonomy, circulation, technology, thread, code, soldering, copyright, copyleft, ownership, sharing, theft, gift, exchange, formal, informal, poetry, literature, rhyme, function, object, compilation, recipe, cooking, internal, externalities, loop, test, logic, coherence, corruption, database, graphics, dependence, interdependencies, bookstore, library, bag, kit, to survive, to live, to fly, interface, ease, password, authorisation, transgression, intrusion, rootkit, abstraction, representation, body movement, performance, browsability, ergonomics, usability, language, format, formatting, to format, form, prose, conference, link, clip, metempsychosis, soul, body, performance, performativity.

This series of keywords is the result of deconstruction, analysis, research based on an image. Imagine someone who uses digital means to produce sound or visual creations. What are his/her choices on a technical level? in terms of collective or individual work? Where does s/he place her body in relation to this technology, does s/he show it, hide it? Is s/he a thief, a collector, an author, a dancer, a copier ? What are his/her choices for circulation : broadcasting, on line, on stage, via the public ? What contracts does s/he have with the public, within the group ? What are their sources : meetings, chance meetings, corresponding, accidents ?

Verbindingen is an attempt to seize bodily these questions and desires. This is an unstable mix which is attractive for those who accept dialogue and experiment.

-a space with fluctuating functions which can be transformed into workshop space, projection room, conference room, concert hall, reference room
- meetings between participants from different horizons and various online and off line practices : scientists, technicians, all media artists, critics, academics, activists
- resources distributed and accessible on site and via a website : photocopies, takeaway prints and downloadable files on internet
- a festival of projects for the internet
- sound productions and videos available for consultation and to be downloaded
- texts published online.

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