Eva Casal


November 24 – Workshop :17:00 – Performance 20:00

having music on a main position in my daily life for over 9 years of my young life has led me through a variety of situations, mind states, phases of taste ...
probably all somewhat connected to what i might have went through anyway in my process of developing, though i doubt it would have come to the obscure settings that life played out with a big fat grin in the poker game of existing in this world.

i could talk about consuming electronic music and maybe even the drug
experiences that are connected to it- in a way the drugs stick to music like
super glue and whether you take them yourself or watch others, they are ever
i could talk about djing and the culture of airport, hotel and club
-hopping, having shallow conversations with colleagues and promoters in
between or music making on a computer locked up in a room on your own, but
these at some point weren't anything more than symptoms of a sick society
for me.
yes, working at a radio station, being a resident dj at a handful of clubs
across europe, sometimes collaborate with other electronic "musicians",
making own records, playing "live" and singing, setting up a record label
have been the more interesting parts, but even sound designing for dance
performances at theatres across europe didn't rid me of the feeling of
always drawing my circles within the same thinking circle, always coming
across the same kind of people, always having to have shallow conversations
at some point, being part of the entertainment industry which is to
entertain a society i feel the utter need not to belong to.
moving in this society, putting my impressions into sound alongside my own
ideas, playing it back at these people, taking these impressions again and
taking them in and converting them into sound again, adding it up to my own
sound more and more, playing it back at them again and so on, after a while
let me personal part in my music disappear and what remained was the ground
hum of the environment i was moving in reverberating.
i would alongside others like to experiment if we can together try to create
the ground humn of the place we are in, with our music, to recreate a
process that in real life took a long time, and try to demonstrate what the
environment you are in - society - does to your mind if you let this my
thesis be true for a moment.

... a concept... and some questions:

how can one maintain some of the original?
can one influence the ground hum?
does the hum draw a map of the environment?
if so, can we recreate the environment by hearing the ground hum?

Posted by laurence at October 28, 2003 12:45 PM