This sunday 7th Dec.
27, rue Hennebicq 1060 St gilles
come and ring Albayaty at

Leila Albayaty sings her songs
Hana Albayaty (oboe, vocalist)
Marie Galipienso (DJ)
Chateau La Lezardière 2002 (AOC)



Everyday online "cooking" and programming 5 minute recipe



Spaghetti di tonno alla spiccia
In a pan, heat in olive oil two finely sliced garlic cloves (having removed the germ) and two small dried red chillies, add a small spoonful of capres and a few black olives, some mediterranean parsly finelly chopped.
Add a 500g tin of tunafish without its juice and you can also add a 500g tin of tomato pulp (I recommend the bio Delhaize), simmer for 15 min.
Cook the spaghetti (De Cecco or Barilla) allow 100 –150 g per person, remove the water and add to the pan.
Serve with pepper but without parmesan.

Display of the Constant’s archives


November 29 - December 6

Constant has accumulated a lot of documents over the years, in a wide range of media. The second week of VJ7 will start the process of their archive. Want to browse the archive or give us some advice?
Just ask for an appointment:



November 21- December 6, from 16:00

Consultation of produced audio or visual interviews on the organisation and work of associations in the multi-disciplinary sector in Belgium. What our practices are, our research systems, our hierarchical systems, our constraints.



November 21 – December 6
Workshops, interviews, pictures, cooking...
By "cuisine interne", we mean what a works, an organisation is made of : the components (ingredients), the tools (utensils), workplace, and work and creation processes (recipes)

Opening of the Constant's archives


Saturday December 6 from 16 :00
Display of the Constant's archives
The work done on the archives : questions, screenings, audiofiles…

Soldering Workshop


Saturday November 29 - 16:00

Soldering workshop for personalizing electronic components with
Joost Nieuwenburg

"For me the concept of recycling is important.
A lot of the materials I use for my art are found thrown-away in the street.
A point of departure is using materials and machines in a way where they were never designed for.
I like cooking and I like to work along with other people. Both subjects are present in my work."



apple cake

looking for Vj7 place


We visited many places, waiting for a "yes" after several "maybe"...

Galerie Ravenstein 1000 Bruxelles
Manager of this place: Robelco
through: Precare
We had to pay this place (rent + service charges);
Refused after a month of "normally yes".

Post archives 1000 Bruxelles
Owner of this place: Poste
Through : Recyclart
This place is not suitable for VJ7

Recyclart, chapelle station 1000 Bruxelles
Owner of this place: SNCB.
Through : Recyclart
not available

Studios rue de l'église 1060 Bruxelles
through: Paul Casaer
not available

19, rue Gretry 1000 Bruxelles
Owner of this place: Ville de Bruxelles
through : Precare
Verbal deal, file on the échevin's desk.
Nothing signed.

21, rue gretry 1000 Bruxelles
Owner of this place: Ville de Bruxelles
through : Precare
Verbal deal, file on the échevin's desk.
Nothing signed.

ex-Sun beauty, rue des halles 1000 Bruxelles
Owner of this place: Ville de Bruxelles
through : Precare
Verbal deal, file on the échevin's desk.
Nothing signed.

29, rue blanche 1060 Bruxelles
Occupants of this place: "association 29 rue Blanche mouvements de femmes"
Too small for VJ7

Espace Candela
96, rue de victoire 10602 Bruxelles
owner: Bernard Tassier
Price: 745 euros per day
too expensive.

Meeting room café L'union, parvis de st gilles, 1060 Bruxelles
Owner of this place: Café l'Union
too small for VJ7

Maison du peuple, parvis de st gilles, 1060 Bruxelles.
Owner of this place: Saint Gilles district
OK. We had to clean this place, install electricity, and heating, it was free of charge for the rent (public building).

Art kiosk gallery, 9 rue J.volders 1060 Bruxelles.
We rent it for 3 weeks 600 euros charges included.
Owner of this place: Mme. Ramant-Peters