7th Edition


" (..) a set of knowledge terms, including the vocabulary, the semantic interconnections and some simple rules of inference and logic, for some particular topic. For example the ontology of cooking and cookbooks includes ingredients, how to stir and combine them, the difference between simmering and deep-frying, the expectation that the products will be eaten or drunk, that oil is for cooking in or consuming and not for lubrication, and so forth. "
Agents and the Semantic Web, James Hendler

What is Verbindingen/Jonctions ?


November 20 - December 6/ 2003
Technologies and art and media, technologies and ethics
Art, technologies and ethics are an explosive mixture.
We take ethics here not as meaning a confrontation or a choice regarding problems of moral values, but as a choice of techniques and practices creating a relationship to others, to work, to ourselves.

Keywords :

Autonomy, circulation, technology, thread, code, soldering, copyright, copyleft, ownership, sharing, theft, gift, exchange, formal, informal, poetry, literature, rhyme, function, object, compilation, recipe, cooking, internal, externalities, loop, test, logic, coherence, corruption, database, graphics, dependence, interdependencies, bookstore, library, bag, kit, to survive, to live, to fly, interface, ease, password, authorisation, transgression, intrusion, rootkit, abstraction, representation, body movement, performance, browsability, ergonomics, usability, language, format, formatting, to format, form, prose, conference, link, clip, metempsychosis, soul, body, performance, performativity.