Jonctions/Verbindingen 8 3-19 December 2004, Brussels
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Series: Music
Dates: Friday 03.12 at 20:00
Activities: Sound
Events: Textadventure
Textadventure is David and Steven from Glasgow in Scotland. Their music consists of Davids gentle laptop, glitch-folk guitars, computer game influenced casio keyboard lines, electronic beat programing and experimental noise, all being carried along by Stevens bittersweet vocals about love and murder. The result has been described as Happy-sad tiny-epics. Some of their tracks are available online, for personal use.

Added: 06-12-2004
The concert of Textadventure(03/12) has been recorded. Listen

Added: 05-12-2004
If you want to have a look what Verbindingen/Jonctions have look like: here are some photographs.

Locations: Ateliers Mommen
Keywords: Independent music / Commons
Links: Textadventure
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