Jonctions/Verbindingen 8 3-19 December 2004, Brussels
Allow uses of your work?
Series: Custom distributions and LiveCD workshops
Dates: Monday 06.12 at 14:00 / Tuesday 07.12 at 14:00
Activities: Workshop
Events: LiveCD workshop
What we will learn
- how to make a liveCD*, how to make a package selection?
- which distributions already exist?
- which are the tools that help building a distribution?
- how to customise a graphical interface?
Hands-on sessions with:
Camille Harang (mammique) developer for the meta-distribution Garbure, a program that allows you to quickly and easily create your own custom GNU/Linux LiveCD Distribution and Jure Cuhalev developer for Ibuild.
With the collaboration of Domaine Public and the Brussels Linux Users Group.

* A LiveCD is an operating system (usually containing other software as well) stored on a bootable CD-ROM that can be executed from it, without installation on a hard drive. The system returns to its previous OS when the LiveCD is ejected and the computer is rebooted.

Added: 23-12-2004
Garbure officially launched
The garbure project is officially launched: "Garbure is a collection of dedicated distributions. Each distribution provides you with carefully selected tools for a specific target domain, and is completed with examples and documentation. The set of distributions included in Garbure forms an entity, but each distribution works also on its own. They complement each other like tools in a toolbox or volumes of an encyclopedia. " The contribution of Constant to this project is Rollmops: "Rollmops is a distribution dedicated to the creation and distribution of web content. The Rollmops project was initiated by Constant VZW. It can be used for the creation and manipulation of images, sound or video, for writing and editing html pages and finally for the publication of material on line using a local webserver or media streamer. "

Added: 23-12-2004
Wikipedia liveCDs
Jure Cuhalev has finished two Wikipedia liveCDs. They contain all the wikipedia information in Dutch or in French. So you can access it without internet connection.

Added: 08-12-2004
Workshop liveCD
First pictures of the workshop liveCD, where the participants try the ibuild software, test their distros in emulators and discover the garbure project. In parallel to the workshop, Jure Cuhalev finishes the Wikipedia liveCD, an archive version of the wikipedia encyclopedia for the librairies and locations without internet access(in French and Dutch)...

Participants: Jure Cuhalev / Mammique
Locations: Magasin
Keywords: Collaboration / Free Software / GNU/Linux / Distribution / Compilation
Links: Domaine Public / Garbure / Ibuild / LiveCD-wikipedia / LiveCD / Brussels Linux Users Group
Francais / English / Nederlands