Jonctions/Verbindingen 8 3-19 December 2004, Brussels
Allow uses of your work?
Series: Free licenses
Dates: Saturday 11.12 at 11:30
Activities: Lecture
Events: ... as others share alike
Lectures and debates discussing the different free licenses, the different strategies at play, the similarities and the contrasts between the art field and the free software movement. An occasion to better understand, enjoy, and participate in a more open cultural ecosystem.

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Added: 05-04-2006
The current and future legal framework, a threat to free software, free information and to our free society
The slides from Alexandre Dulaunoy are available for download under the Free Documentation License.

Added: 05-04-2006
Fight for your right to file-share. Content flatrate, not copyright war.
The slides of Volker Grassmuck are available under the following Creative Commons license: By/nc/sa.

Added: 05-04-2006
Présentation de la Licence Art Libre et de Copyleft Attitude
The text and links from Antoine Moreau are available for download under the Free Art License.

Added: 05-04-2006
... as others share alike, presentation notes
The notes of presentation for as others share alike are available for download under the Free Art License

Participants: Alexandre Dulaunoy / Volker Grassmuck / Agency / Cornelia Sollfrank / Séverine Dusollier / Antoine Moreau
Locations: Ateliers Mommen
Keywords: Open Source / Memory / License / Commons / Public Domain / Copyleft / Making a living / Exchange / Distribution / Recycling
Links: Art libre / Agency / Association Electronique Libre / Wizards of OS / Cornelia Sollfrank / My favourite questions about the free licenses / Structure Sound / The Poachers and the Stormtroopers / "May the Source Be With You" / Alternative Law Forum / Backflip Publisher: a - copyleft / Berkman / Chilling Effects Clearinghouse / Copyfight: / di cosmo / EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation / Future of Music Coalition / NETKWESTIES / Open Content / OPEN CULTURES / the filter / TRANSPUBLISHING: An Easy Concept / Copyrights / - / Open Source Initiative OSI - / Open Source Initiative OSI - Licensing / Creative Commons
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