Jonctions/Verbindingen 8 3-19 December 2004, Brussels
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Series: Critical and situated cartography
Dates: Saturday 04.12 at 14:30
Activities: Lecture
Events: Mapping project and Snapshots
The geographical distance between Tornio and Montemor-o-Novo is about 4000 kilometres. The artistic distance is exactly one person and two festivals. The time frame: one year of travelling through the European culturescape. A project of incorrect maps and imaginative snapshots.

Added: 19-12-2004
Bettina Wind

Added: 05-12-2004
If you want to have a look what Verbindingen/Jonctions have look like: here are some photographs.

Participants: Bettina Wind
Locations: Ateliers Mommen
Keywords: Mapping / Collaboration
Francais / English / Nederlands