Jonctions/Verbindingen 8 3-19 December 2004, Brussels
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Series: Custom distributions and LiveCD workshops
Dates: Monday 06.12 / Tuesday 07.12 / Wednesday 08.12 / Thursday 09.12
Activities: Workshop
Events: LiveCD workshop / Linux for the MAC
Participants: Jure Cuhalev
Jure CuhalevJure Cuhalev is a developer of Ibuild. He is a student of Social science at University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Social sciene. Jure joined the Morphix project in spring 2003 while researching possible alternatives to Knoppix.

His Linux related work includes: developing a Debian package of Slovenian dictionaries and language add-ons (Mozilla, aspell, myspell) He presented work at Cyberpipe, Linux conference and Install fests.
In 2003 Jure Cuhalev started a Slovenian Knoppix derivate: Slo-Tech Linux is a generic liveCD with a focus on Slovenian users. In 2004, Slo-Tech switched to Morphix. It has many users and is very popular as a rescue tool.

Intellibuild was created in 2003, while optimizing Slo-Tech Linux. It got a graphic user interface in the summer of 2004. Cuhalev is connecting and supporting different liveCD projects by hosting them under the domain

Locations: Magasin
Keywords: Collaboration / Free Software / GNU/Linux / Distribution / Compilation / Open Source
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