Jonctions/Verbindingen 8 3-19 December 2004, Brussels
Allow uses of your work?
Series: Free licenses
Dates: Friday 10.12
Activities: Meeting
Events: Creative Commons Launch Event
Participants: Sandra Fauconnier
Sandra Fauconnier (usually called by her nickname Fokky) obtained a BA in architecture in 1994 and an MA in art history at Ghent University, Belgium, in 1997, with a dissertation about "Web-specific art: the World Wide Web as an artistic medium". She has published and lectured frequently on the subject of internet art and media art. She worked at Madoc bvba (Ghent, Belgium) as content and interface designer in 1997.
Next, she was employed as web designer, webmistress, educator and educational technologist at the Teacher Training Department, Ghent University, Belgium. In February 2000 she started working as media archivist at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam, where she develops a
description system for V2_'s archive, initiated a thesaurus on media art, works with a team of developers on V2_'s website and is involved in various research projects related to copyright and the preservation of electronic art.

Locations: KRB Albertina
Keywords: Open Source / Economy / Love / License / Law / Commons / Public Domain / Copyleft / Theft / GNU/Linux / Cultural work
Links: creative commons / CRID / IAK / IBK / CIR
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