Jonctions/Verbindingen 8 3-19 December 2004, Brussels
Allow uses of your work?
Series: Cuisine Interne Keuken
Dates: Monday 06.12 / Tuesday 07.12 / Wednesday 08.12 / Thursday 09.12 / Tuesday 14.12 / Wednesday 15.12 / Thursday 16.12 / Friday 17.12 / Saturday 18.12 / Sunday 19.12
Activities: Workshop / Exhibition
Events: Cuisine Interne Keuken (workshop) / Cuisine Interne Keuken (installation)
Participants: Remork
RemorkVan Wynsberghe reported on the 'Cyberfeminist Working Days', organised by Constant vzw in 2000. She recorded events and conducted interviews. She was astonished by the content, the people, and positively intrigued with an aftertaste of "More of this, please!" and "What is this? I like what it's doing to my brain". As the years passed, her involvement with Constant grew from opening beers behind the bar and chatting, to making microphone cables and letting those brains work again. She has participated in Digitales and became a do-it-all and DIY element of Constant. This goes from photocopying to calling ministries asking how they work and getting an answer! Last year was been under the sign of money and funding - Constant's, Wendy's, governments' - finding out how that all works. Besides the Constant- persona, she is a musician under the stage names Wy and Remork, and she likes the interaction between image and sound...

Locations: Plan B / Ateliers Mommen
Keywords: Work / Economy / Collaboration / Commons / Cultural work / Making a living / Home made / Kitchen / Recycling
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