Listening to cuisine interne keuken

To listen to the cuisine interne soundfiles, you need an ogg-player. Ogg is an open file format producing better sound quality, even with high compression.
There's several free and open source players available.

Recommended .ogg players
for Windows: Zinf
Download Zinf (1,7 MB)
After installation Zinf will automatically play your .ogg files.

for Mac OS 10.2 and higher: VLC-Player
Download VLC-Player (3.1 MB)

On Macintosh you need to manually set VLC as the default player for .ogg files:
1. Choose 'Listen' in Cuisine Interne and save the selected file to your desktop
2. Select the downloaded file and choose option-i (or File > Get Info from the menu).
3. Specify VLC as the default application to open all documents like this.
4. Return to Cuisine Interne and play!

If i-tunes keeps coming up as the default player, simply download the playlists to your desktop and play from there.

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